Jeep Side Step Installation Instructions


Thank you for purchasing F&F STEEL Side Steps!  We hope you’ll love them!


Installation Instructions

  • If your vehicle has factory mounting holes:
    • Proceed with removing them to make room for you new F&F STEEL Side Steps.
    • Once removed you should be able to mount your new F&F STEEL Side Steps using the same mounting holes as these steps were designed with the same mounting locations.
    • Use previous mounting hardware only if it still is in good working condition. If new hardware is required see below for a suggested hardware selection.
  • If you don’t have mounting holes already, please follow these steps:
    • Remove the steps from the package and hold them up to the bottom of your tub. Once you have them placed where you want to mount them--use a marker to locate the 4 mounting holes.  To do so, mark the bottom of the tub of your Jeep through the holes in the F&F STEEL side steps while they are in place.  This will ensure correct placement when you are ready to mount them.
    • Once the holes are marked on both sides of the tub of your Jeep proceed with drilling a 7/16” hole in all marked locations.
    • After mounting holes have been drilled please use the suggested hardware below for mounting your steps.
    • Total suggested hardware for mounting a pair of steps:
      • (8) 3/8-16 Coarse threaded hex head bolts – length of the bolt is dependent on the specific Jeep, however a 3” bolt should do the trick.
        • Alternative hardware: 3/8-16 coarse thread button head bolt. This will give you a cleaner ‘lower profile'.
      • (8) 3/8-16 Lock Nuts
      • (Various) 3/8” Stainless Steel or Zinc Plated washers. This will need to be gauged by you.  Washers will be placed between the step and the tub.  This will be the easiest method to level your steps if they are not already.
    • Place the bolts in the mounting holes from the top down. Put any needed washers in between the bottom of the tub and the steps for leveling purposes.  Then add the lock nut on the bottom.  Use necessary tools to torque the lock nut into place.